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Cultural tidbit.

I realize it's been a while since I've written, but now I have connectivity at home, and once I get the whole visa app out of the way, there should be more cool stuff showing up here. Here's a nifty cultural tidbit, with photo. But it's under here.Collapse )

Rain all night

Buildings around here are almost all exclusively tin-roofed. This doesn't bode well for me in the summer, seeing as many Brisbane buildings also have no insulation (no, I'm not kidding--walls are maybe an inch or two thick) and a nice, shiny, metal roof will likely channel heat straight into the internal air of home.

But rainy days are different. Even the lightest rain rings on the corrugated tin, the kind of white noise that soothes and sends you straight to sleep.

It's very quiet out where I live, in Windsor, just northwest of Brisbane city. There are so many birds, too--magpies (which now rank among my favorites), rainbow lorikeets, and ibises, so you get to hear all kinds of calls and songs. I've started a bit of a call-and-response game with a magpie that lives in a very tall cedar just outside the block of townhouses we live in. I call him, quite cleverly, Lord Cedar. I fully expect to be swooped by him and his mate in a few weeks once nesting season starts.

Now that I have the laptop at home, I can drop my photos from the camera there, fix them up in P-Shop, and then drop them on a thumb drive to throw up on Photobucket at an internet cafe. So, there should be photos soon.

A tour of my home will be first, I believe.

More words soon.

Post the First

Well, this is a post to merely have a presence on the intarwebz. Soon, upon being hit broadside by muses of indeterminate quality, I shall pour forth my thoughts on things that strike me as incredibly cool, utterly inexplicable, throughly charming, or unspeakably irritating about being in a nation that speaks more or less my native tongue but really is a different planet. So, if you want to hear about opinions regarding one of my new favoritest shows that would have a tricky time of it in the US, or hear me lament about how I can't get a bagel at 3 AM anymore, this is where to come.

I am no expert. I am no anthropologist. I am, however, a writer, an observer, and more often than not, a thinker. I cannot always vouch for the quality of my thoughts, but they'll stay clean enough for PG viewing unless a warning and a cut are employed.

So, there you go, and there you are. New York, New York (really Brooklyn) to Brisbane, Queensland. Let's see how I survive, succeed, and utterly fail (that's much more fun for you, I imagine) in the coming days, weeks, and years adjusting to life Down Under.




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